Open Casting Call!

Open Casting Call

North By Northwest Productions is auditioning young people ages 8-18 for seven different roles in two TV commercials.  No previous experience necessary!  We are asking for self-recorded videos to be sent no later than noon Thursday, June 23rd.  Please look carefully at the attached scripts to determine which scene(s) apply to you and your age range.  You can audition for one or two parts ONLY.  


The Truth208 ad campaign (see detailed program description below) explores lies young people tell. Some are more general and the rest are specifically about prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse. The TV spots will show teens/tweens looking directly to the camera. The situations are similar to talking to a trusted friend or family member and this is part of a larger conversation. It’s a serious subject matter so your attitude should be serious, but realistic. Please feel free to give a couple of different takes on your audition.

The scripts (Click to download):

Truth 208 scripts

How do I submit my audition?

Submit video auditions directly to <>. Links to YouTube videos work best or video files are ok. Include your name, age and contact information either on the email, video or in the file name. Mainly we want to see your face and hear your voice. So shoot the video in a well-lit area and put your camera close so we can hear you.

When does it film?

These commercials will be shot on either June 30th or July 1st, depending on your specific scene. Speaking roles will be paid $250. Please be sure you are available those days. We will ONLY contact those who are chosen.

What is Truth208?

The TV commercials are for Truth208 – an Idaho large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing non-medical use of prescription and over-the-counter medications through public service messaging, education, and community outreach. The goal of Truth208 is to encourage open, honest dialog about the risks and effects of prescription drug abuse. By reaching teens before they ever take non-prescribed medicine, we can significantly reduce the destructive effects on our state.

For questions, contact Steve Simkins at (208) 972-5351.



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