Movie B-School: Jurassic Interns

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It’s been a cool twenty-two years since “realistic” dinosaurs turned us from curious movie-goers into budding paleontology enthusiasts. For me, as a kid, Jurassic Park brought curiosity, wonder, and fear to the forefront. In 1993 I lived in Dallas, which allowed me to attend a Dallas Zoo exhibit featuring the real, giant, animatronic dinosaurs used to make the film. I can assure you this was an awe-inspiring moment for a 9-year-old which cemented JP as one of my faves. As I grew up, I still enjoyed watching the movie (even as modern cinema surpassed its technology) and now face a brand new installment in the series with some seriously rad-looking dinos. It was the perfect time to go back and watch the original ahead of Jurassic World’s release.

As I watched, I was easily able to find a topic for this week’s Movie B-School to focus on: Summer Interns. It’s officially intern season, and they’re filling the coffers of offices all around, doe-eyed and prepared to make their mark. We’re firm believers here at North by Northwest in not just making them get coffee. That’s a production assistant’s job 😉

Interns provide a valuable opportunity to extol your knowledge in a way that can make someone’s life better. Giving back, and all that crap. So how do we deal with interns hanging on our every word? We treat them like dinosaurs.

Movie B-School: Jurassic Interns I North by Northwest Boise

Without a given direction and point-person, however, interns become a pack of dinosaurs wandering aimlessly through the lush fields of Jurassic Park (aka your office space). Without a leader, they will get many coffees, but learn very little.

They can smell your fear

Movie B-School: Jurassic Interns I North by Northwest Boise

If you’re trying to hide from the interns, they will find you and ask you questions, and that’s okay. They are here to learn, but also to be helpful. Set up a meeting with the intern so you’re able to give your full attention to their questions while still completing your work without interruptions.

Distract with flare

Movie B-School: Jurassic Interns I North by Northwest Boise

JURASSIC PARK, 1993. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

Give them tasks that can help them grow. Whether it’s a sample project, or real work, they will be jazzed to learn something and work within your space.

The bottom line? Offer your guidance and expertise, or they will hunt you down and take it!

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