That’s a wrap! 5.22.15

The week is over, it’s time to get the #wrapparty started!

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

*Watch this week’s video collection below, or in playlist form on YouTube

Samsung USA “Crushing Dinner Parties with Samsung Home Appliances”

Pizza Hut “The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA”

SunnyD “2015 Rollerblade” 

Darrell Hammond is Colonel Sanders in W+K’s Big New Campaign For KFC (AdWeek)

Throwback Thursday video: How AOL urged America online (DigiDay)


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

The Six Superpowers of Video Storytelling (MarketingProfs)#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

Twitter: We want users to binge-watch our video content too! (ReelSEO)#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

Why McDonald’s Is Airing 25 Different Spots Over 31 Days (AdAge)#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

Viral Review: Volvo Gets Emotional For ‘Trackvert” Tie-Up with Avicii (Unruly)

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

YouTube Tasks Viewers With Picking the Decade’s Top Ad: 20 Videos From Brands Such as Pepsi, Nike, Volkswagen, Dove and Budweiser (The Drum)#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

Pinterest Puts Its Own Spin On Video Ads With These Cinematic Pins (AdWeek)

The Value-Add of Video in the Content Journey (Vidyard)


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About the Author

Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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