Client Spotlight: RedRose ONECard

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How do you create a compelling animated video that explains technical information? Ultimately it’s the same as any visual storytelling. Keep the audience engaged and keep the information concise while using illustrative, understandable visuals. I see your eyes starting to get sleepy. But hang on for this story.

Literally, I met this client from Nobel House / RedRose ONECard in a little bar in Brussels, Belgium. Call me sometime and ask the details of how this crazy story transpired. A few emails later and we were making a video for a worldwide humanitarian aid company (based out of England and Turkey) who has created a unique, web based electronic cash transfer system. The ONECard is mainly for refugees who need basic supplies. The video is for other aid companies who may be interested in the system, but want more information to see how it works.

That’s where we came in. A draft script (with no specific visuals) was delivered to us by our ONECard clients and it was our job to help bring it to life. While our editor, John Nance is amazing at storytelling and editing, he admits that he is not strong at drawing. No problem.  These days, online you can acquire a number of very creative “stock” illustrations for a relatively inexpensive price. So after looking over the written script, we compiled a number of stock images that would help tell the story. We then worked closely with our client to be sure each visual element and each action appropriately illustrated the concepts. We even worked with a VO narrator from England who helped round out the international feel of the video.

When it was finished, they were very happy with the results. We created an excellent, compelling, understandable, animated visual explaining a unique concept. We were also excited to help and to learn more about worldwide humanitarian aid programs.


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About the Author
Steve Simkins directs and produces videos at North By Northwest, A Digital Studio. He has been working as a visual storyteller since high school, in the late 1980s. Today he specializes in helping businesses tell their story through the magic of video. Steve believes that there is a great, genuine, compelling story literally behind every nook and cranny. He really wants to know your story too. Just ask.


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