7 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Facebook

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You’ve heard us harping about Facebook video, and you’ve likely heard other sources pump it up as well. The ‘book is making good on its vow to steal the video trophy from heir YouTube, leaving a whole lot of marketers pulling together monster video uploads to Facebook. Do you know how to post videos to Facebook which are optimized for the format? Follow our guide below for some nifty tips for channel optimization!

  1. During creative: Plan for Facebook’s “Instant Play” by understanding the way your viewers will experience your video – without sound for at least the first few seconds. This SlideShare suggests a “silent movie” strategy for the beginning of your video.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Facebook I North by Northwest Boise

  1. During creative: Strategically front-load your video with the most necessary information. This ensures those who only stop for a few seconds, who may not even click on the video for sound, will still be exposed to your video’s most pertinent info.
  1. In post-production: Be sure your editor provides a file with the correct video settings and of the right file-type. For Facebook, those file specs look like this:

7 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Facebook I North by Northwest Boise

  1. Once you’ve uploaded your video, you will want to change the thumbnail. Facebook allows you to upload your own custom thumbnail image (which we recommend), or at the very least,  you can pick the best of the 10 thumbnails Facebook provides. Go to the video, and click on “Options,” then “Edit this video.” You’ll see the options to either: click through and pick one of the provided thumbnails, or upload your own. We create a thumbnail with an overlay in North by Northwest green to make our videos stand out, which is what we also use on our YouTube channel. Here’s a ReelSEO article diving deep into the world of Thumbnail Optimization. It’s slightly outdated, but still gives you the important points to follow.
  1. While in “edit” mode, you can also choose to feature that video. Featuring or adding to  playlists is an easy way to shine a spotlight on your videos. Create practical playlists (i.e. product videos), but also try to incorporate playlists that show your brand’s personality. These playlists and featured videos will show up under your “Videos” tab, with the featured video at the top.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Facebook I North by Northwest Boise7 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Facebook I North by Northwest Boise

  1. Understand Facebook’s metrics, and what is important for you to measure as you work toward your goals (do you know what your goals are for your videos?).

If you’re not yet too familiar with Facebook analytics, here are a couple overviews:

SocialBakers: A Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Metrics

*You’ll have to exchange a few pieces of your information to get this one

KISSmetrics: A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights

Coming Soon – Video metrics will be rolling out to pages over the next few weeks. Want to be armed with knowledge and hit the ground running? Here are some guides, published by Facebook, on what metrics will be included and how to properly measure.

Facebook: Introducing Video Metrics

New metrics for your videos on Facebook

  1. Amplify your content! You’ve added it to the video pool, now it’s time to promote it, like any other piece of content. There are several ways, one of which is to purchase promoted video ads. [link to guide]. This is the best way to place your video in front of a large audience. Other, less-spendy tactics include encouraging employee sharing and posting in Facebook groups you and/or they are a part of (where it’s relevant).

Those are the main tools you’ll need for Facebook video optimization. Remember that each platform (YouTube, for instance) has its own unique set of optimization needs. If you get stuck, click here for Facebook’s overview on video.


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