Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates!

As we celebrate North by Northwest Boise’s 22nd birthday, we asked some of our employees who they were at this age and how they spent their time. Were they Dead Heads? Did Chuck follow Britney Spears on her “Baby One More Time” tour? Read on for pics, answers, and fun facts.

*We saved the best for last…

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“I turned 22 in 1976 and was a Junior at the University of South Dakota. While at school I worked for South Dakota Public Television as a control room operator. I also had a 1st Class FCC License so I operated the transmitter on weekends working from sign-on to sign-off (yes, that’s right) on both Saturday and Sunday. The transmitter was located just outside Beresford, SD about 20 miles north of campus.

When not at school, I worked for KOTA-TV in my hometown of Rapid City, SD. In addition to control room and transmitter operations, I directed newscasts and helped the engineering department with microwave maintenance. What I remember from 1976 was centered around celebrating the nation’s bicentennial. In the fall we did NBC’s Today Show live from Mount Rushmore. The network celebrated the nation’s bicentennial by originating a Friday broadcast of the Today Show from each state. South Dakota’s turn came in the fall of the year and was hosted by native son Tom Brokaw. My professors all gave me time off from school so I could return and be a part of the crew. We set up a portable microwave path from the monument to our tower in Rapid City. I then ran the main camera on Mr. Brokaw from the remote.

The year before KOTA had purchased the new Sony 1600 camcorder, replacing film shooting for all news stories. I had great fun shooting video using this camera and bringing it back to the station for editing using the RM-440 edit controller. It was new technology and was accurate to plus or minus 3 frames! (Time code hadn’t been developed yet) Plus you could use the tape over and over! It was the dawn of new technology and the world would never be the same…sound familiar?”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“When I was 22, I was in my 5th year at Oregon State doing an internship in Portland with a Post Production facility. I was living in the Pearl District and doing “Portland” things. Lots of coffee and microbrews. I was into outdoorsy stuff when it wasn’t raining. So, hardly ever. Just enjoying life and getting ready to head out into the real world.”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“Who was I at 22? I was a sage. Wise beyond my years. Working as a mortgage loan officer (at the largest S&L in the US) in Miami, I had the foresight and good judgement to realize I could really be successful if I moved to Idaho and majored in Theatre at Boise State. (Did I mention I had a pool?) Ah youth.”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“When I was 22, it was 2002. It was my second year at The University of Idaho studying Digital Media Production. Outside of school, I enjoyed playing for the Vandal ice hockey club as well as hanging out with my friends at the local watering holes. It was also the year I met my wife. I relished in a pretty carefree existence of late night parties and minimal sleep. Good times.”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“At 22 I was living in an apple barn on the top of a hill in Sebastopol, California –

with my children’s father, baby son, I was pregnant with my daughter, and had 4 female dogs – almost constant puppies, 2 milk goats with babies, and a tomcat. 

I hitchhiked a lot, but lots of people did. We drove on the winding country roads in really fast cars, and I made goat cheese, picked blackberries along the creek for muffins and pie.”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“22 was a pretty good year for me. I had just met my husband, was in college, and in the midst of my party phase. A friend and I moved into a house at 14th & River and picked out my first dog, Ollie. Many years after we moved out of that place, John Eames told me a story about his friend that had lived in the same house and stopped an intruder in the bedroom that had been mine.

I had been working for a little place called North by Northwest for about a year, and spent my nights building my music webzine, TheBoiseBeat, and going to concerts. I aspired to be a music journalist, but ended up falling for the video industry along the way. Funny how that happens.”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“At 22, I was living in Moscow, Idaho as a Sophomore at University of Idaho.  For about 2 years, I also worked as a “hasher” at the AGD sorority.  That means I was a server and bussed tables for lunch and dinners at the sorority.  I was paid in free meals.  At the end of that tenure, on the way to school, I crashed on my bicycle and had a “major” concussion.  In this picture, I was on a spring break hiking trip in the Olympic National Forest on the Washington coast.  Or maybe I was in a boy band.  After the concussion, things were a bit hazy.”

Who were you at 22? NXNW Boise celebrates! I North by Northwest Boise

“I was fresh out of college at age 22, working my first television job. I worked for KTGF-TV / Continental Productions in Great Falls, Montana. I was low man in the company as I was the newest and youngest. Job tasks were in no certain order: writing commercials, running camera, editing, gripping, cleaning out the station fridge, logging tapes, and organizing equipment closets. I believe the first week of work, I was told to mic myself up. I was cast in a commercial because I was probably standing in the way. My claim to fame is a Bert & Ernie’s Restaurant commercial. My line: “But we didn’t know”.

But then we did know, Jeff is not an actor.

My starting salary was $850 a month. I had a car payment and split rent with 3 other roommates. Finances were tight, but I somehow managed to always have beer money in my pocket.

It was a time when I couldn’t figure out whether I was a Cowboy or a Preppy, so I kind of mixed it all together and wore high tops to tie it all in. John Hughes and George Strait would have been proud.”


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Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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