Video Marketing Pt 4: SlideShare Superstars

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The fourth and final installment of our Video Marketing Education series is finally here. Rejoice! I know you’ve been wishing and waiting. Today, in keeping with our free/cheap education theme, we bring you SlideShare accounts to pore over. Each of these accounts belongs to an expert in their field and carries valuable information in regards to video marketing, whether it’s specific to SEO, YouTube, etc. Some of these names you may recognize from past references, but that’s only because they offer really sound info. Crack a cold one, or steam some tea, and get to clicking:

Video Marketing Pt 4: SlideShare Superstars I North by Northwest Boise

Mark Robertson, Founder of is a wonderful source for any inbound marketer with video content. They offer help in a variety of ways, and always good information. The founder’s account hits the nail on the head with his slides on YouTube marketing. Some of his presentations are a few years old, but it’s easy to pick the still-useful info out.

Video Marketing Pt 4: SlideShare Superstars I North by Northwest Boise

Lou Bortone

Mr. Bortone was referenced in every article in this series, so clearly, he’s earned some cache. His business is video marketing coaching, so his presentation usually include a sales pitch, but beyond the sales-y stuff he offers accurate observations on the state of video marketing.

Video Marketing Pt 4: SlideShare Superstars I North by Northwest Boise


VidYard is one of my favorite sources of video marketing information. Their account covers the need-to-know basics in a fun and kitschy way with well-designed slides.

Video Marketing Pt 4: SlideShare Superstars I North by Northwest Boise

Jeremy Vest, Video Marketing Guild

He may only have a few presentations up, but those three are no-nonsense and full of useful information. Mr. Vest teaches mostly about Video SEO, but also walks you through the main points of video strategy and execution.


With this being the last in this series, I wanted to add in a few of our own past articles highlighting other bits of video marketing information.

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Finally, in case you have a really good reason for not catching the first three articles, here they are:

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For more informative and entertaining articles about the strange and wonderful world of video, subscribe to our blog below. Fun fact: North by Northwest Boise is celebrating its 22nd year, and over 10,000 videos! It feels good, and we’re accepting all birthday cards, gifts, and cake at our physical location.

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