That’s a wrap! 4.10.15

The week is over, it’s time to get the #wrapparty started!

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

We’re going to kick things off with a couple pieces on the exciting, new YouTube cards, which we wrote about last week!

YouTube Makes Skippable TrueView Ads More Interactive — And More Lucrative (AdAge)

– YouTube Celebrates 5 Years of TrueView With New Interactive Cards (ReelSEO)


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

Will ‘Shazamming’ TV Ads Ever Catch On? (Digiday): You have to hand it to Coke, who utilized app Shazam to debut the world’s “first drinkable ad.” It’s pretty cool, but will it catch on?



12 Common Misconceptions about Marketing with Video (Vidyard): We really, really love this article! We hear most of these statements way, way too often, and it’s nice to see correct answers coming from a different source aside from ourselves.


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise– Why Viewability and Programmatic Often Don’t Mix (Digiday): We know it’s probably been a few hours since you’ve heard the word “programmatic,” so without further ado…



#wrapparty I North by Northwest BoiseStudy: More advertisers will choose Facebook video over YouTube this year (Venture Beat): Are you even a little bit surprised by this? Facebook video has garnered a lot of buzz since their F8 conference, it’s no wonder marketers would choose to utilize it more in the coming year.



#wrapparty I North by Northwest BoiseDon’t Touch That Dial – Or That One – Or That One: The Changing Digital Landscape (Nielsen): Captain Obvious here, but I’ve brought statistics! Decent ones, too. Look to the left for a teeny-tiny version, or click-through for a more in-depth analysis.



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

– What Brands Can Learn From Viral PSA’s (Unruly): This is a really informative article that looks to their own Viral Video Charts to analyze near-future trends in emotional video advertising.



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

It’s Time for Country Time Lemonade TV Ads after a 14-Year Hiatus (MediaPost):  Four. Teen. Years. At least they’re choosing to create new media, rather than pull a Folgers and send out old soft-focus spots from the 90’s. Good on ya, Country Time, and welcome back to the TV game!



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

– Taco Bell “Flash”


W+K Portland Creates ‘Ripple’ for Nike Golf (Agency Spy)


– Dove “Choose Beautiful”


– Volvo “Life Paint”


– Microsoft “Introducing the new Microsoft Surface 3”


– Levi’s “Introducing Levi’s 501 CT Jeans (Custom & Tapered)”


– Mountain Dew “Rebel Shine / DEWShine / Mountain Dew”


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