Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School

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In parts 1 and 2, we gave you a list of Twitter handles and podcasts to follow for great tid-bits and inspiration, and today we’re going to point you toward some great online courses on video marketing.

There are many, many classes out there, however, they can be costly. If you’re looking for some bargain education, we’ve kept most of our list to free and under one-hundy.


Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School I North by Northwest Boise


1. Using YouTube (Alison) – For the absolute beginner, this tutorial shows you how to properly set up a YouTube account.

2.Video Marketing Plan Methodology (Demand Metric) – This isn’t so much a course, but it IS a Slideshare with information plus links to further resources.

3. Video Marketing Primer (Udemy) – More in depth, this 5-star Udemy class is self-paced and covers the basics of video marketing.

4. YouTube Marketing: Video Marketing Made Easy (Udemy) – Another option, this one through Udemy, for the first-timers. This course will walk you through YouTube set-up.

5. Video Marketing for FREE: YouTube Video Marketing Ninja (Udemy)* – This class was rated at 4.9 stars by students and is only free for a few more days. *Be sure to sign up by APRIL 10th (before registration fees go up to $199) if you’re interested in this course!

6. Video Marketing Demystified. Tips & Strategies that Work! (Udemy) – “Videos are engaging. Video will increase your brand and credibility. People enjoy watching videos.” This instructor starts off strong speaking three truths that can’t be denied.

7. YouTube SEO Secrets: Correct Subtitles and Keywords (Udemy) – Learn how to use transcripts and captions on your videos for better SEO.

8. The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing (Distilled) – You’ll have to create an account to read this full guide, but it’s packed full of useful info and goes relatively in-depth.

9. HubSpot Academy Video Marketing – multiple courses; Also, become a Certified Inbound Pro (HubSpot) – This company really wants you to learn. They offer some great training options, with their “academy” and Inbound Marketing certification program.


Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School I North by Northwest Boise


1. $9 – Fully Customize & Run Your YouTube Channel Like a Pro (Udemy) – With 52 lectures, this class dives into subjects ranging from setting up your channel to file sizes to setting up a Tumblr for your videos.

2. $19 – YouTube SEO Video Ranking Success (Udemy) – This class from a former actor garnered 5 stars and covers more YouTube ground, this time with an emphasis on YouTube SEO.

3. $27 – Using Video to Rank Higher in Google (Udemy) – This is the good stuff! Learn about video optimization, Google’s keyword planner, and more.

4. $29 – Video Marketing Best Practices For Your Business (Udemy) – We would highly recommend the content in this course, as it talks about the importance of video to your business!

Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School I North by Northwest Boise

5. $47 – Video SEO Optimization: How to Rank Your Video (Udemy) – This course covers on and off-page optimization for newbies to video SEO.

6. $47 – YouTube Secrets – Crush the Competition & Become an Expert (Udemy) – For beginners, but more in-depth than other beginner YouTube courses listed here.

7. $47 – How To Rank Up Your YouTube Videos On First Page of Google (Udemy) – Reviewers comments show that this course is well-worth the 50 bucks.


Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School I North by Northwest Boise


1. $77 – YouTube Marketing Mastery (Udemy) – Packed solid. Seriously. This class goes over everything from setting up your channel, to analytics, to strategies and much more.

2. $149 – Master Video Marketing for Your Business (CreativeLive) – We’ve previously mentioned this instructor in Part 1 of this series (Twitter handles to follow). While this one jumps up in price, “Sweet Lou” Bortone is considered an expert in the field.


Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School I North by Northwest Boise $25/month [WITH] 10-day trial period

1. Video SEO Basics

2. Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube


Video Marketing Pt 3: Back to School I North by Northwest Boise $96/year [WITH] 14-day trial period

1. Online Video Marketing: How to Get Started

2. Video Marketing: Promote Your Brand Through YouTube

3. Search Engine Optimization: How to Rank ANY Website or Video on Page 1 of Google


Know of any good ones we missed? Add them to the comments below! And once more for posterity, here are Parts 1 and 2 if you’ve missed them:

Video Marketing Pt 1: 8 Great Minds to Follow on Twitter

Video Marketing Pt 2: Listen & Learn

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