Video Marketing Pt 1: 8 Great Minds to Follow on Twitter

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Digital video marketing didn’t really begin until YouTube was born in 2005. Although video did exist online, it was YouTube’s easy-to-use platform that transformed the way the format is used. Seeing how the area has only been around for 10 years, and improves rapidly, most marketers must continue their education on the subject at a speedy rate in order to stay current.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to collect top-notch sources for your continuing education on video marketing, specifically looking at low-cost and free options. This will be books, podcasts, online video courses, etc, and we’ll kick it off with some of the best Twitter handles posting forward-thinking insights on video marketing. Follow them, read their recommendations, and you’ll be all set for our next installment.

1. Mark Robertson (@MarkRRobertson) – Robertson runs, one of our favorite sources for video marketing information. He consistently posts helpful content, solidifying his role as a video marketing thought leader.

2. Greg Jarboe (@GregJarboe) – As a contributor to ReelSEO and author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day, Jarboe is a big fan of content marketing with video. He often posts links to video marketing articles from around the web.


3. Lou Bortone (@LouBortone) – As an online branding expert, going by “Sweet Lou,” he shares his Lou Bortone Daily with the best posts regarding video marketing, as well as other insights.


4. Amy Schmittauer (@SavvySexySocial) – Amy focuses on a broader spectrum of personal branding and content marketing but provides a fair share of video expertise as well. Peruse through her past few weeks of posting for some updates on all she learned at South by Southwest.


5. Michael Litt (@MichaelLitt) – Michael Litt is the founder of another of our favorite sources, Vidyard. Vidyard is a video marketing automation platform, and Litt shares some gems from the Vidyard blog and elsewhere on the web. Definitely a must follow.


6. Tyler Lessard (@TylerLessard) – Lessard, also an executive of Vidyard, posts equally enticing statistics and blog posts.


7. XMaven (@Xmavenvideo) – This and the next are cheating a little bit…although they aren’t individuals, these handles post really good information that is hyper-focused on video.


8. Reel Marketer (@ReelMarketer) – Again, this one is a company’s handle, but it serves up consistent articles perfectly targeted toward those hungry for video marketing information.


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Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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