That’s a wrap! 3.13.15

The week is over, it’s time to get the #wrapparty started!

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

B2B and Mobile: Why You Should Be Thinking of the Mobile Video Experience, Too (Vidyard): “Whatever the reason, the proof is in the numbers: B2B customers are conducting research on mobile. And video plays a big role in this.”



– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? How ‘@TheBuzzer’ Decides Where to Post its Videos (DigiDay): “Digiday talked to “@TheBuzzer” — a sports show Fox Sports network created in April 2014 to be broadcast almost exclusively on social platforms — about how it approaches publishing videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

What Is An Ideal Length Of An Online Video Ad? (Unruly):  Is it 10 minutes? 1.8 seconds? Attention spans are ever-changing these days, but Unruly has sussed out the current best length for your video marketing needs.



– How to Recreate YouTube’s Hero, Hub, Hygiene Strategy For Your Brand (ReelSEO): “Matt Ballek says that “Hero, Hub and Hygiene” is a way brand can structure content, which was created by Google’s internal agency. Matt says he sometimes calls it “Push, Pull, and Pow” content, but the theme is the same.” ReelSEO hosts explain the strategy further and how it can help you.



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

– Audi “The Drones”


Wendy’s puts GoPro-style camera on head of lettuce (AdAge)


– Microsoft “Girls Do Science”


– Turkish Airlines “Fly Africa!”


– The Body Shop UK “Mother’s Day for HM ‘The Queen’: A Royal Home Video”


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Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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