That’s a wrap! 3.6.15

The week is over, it’s time to get the #wrapparty started!

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

3 Rules for Better Video Marketing (Convince & Convert): As the article states, it’s much better to come at your video marketing strategy with “a balance of strategy, integration, and measurement.” Clickthrough to learn how.




#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise– 5 Great Video Marketing Articles (North by Northwest Boise): We’d be remiss if we didn’t include this collection of resources we recently published. Whether you’re looking to hire a crew, or figuring out your strategy, we’ve got you covered.



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

7 Essential Video SEO Tips to Rank #1 on YouTube (SocialMediaToday):  Okay, so we’re cheating here…this was published last week, but this is the good stuff. If you’re itching to learn a few tricks for better ranking on the ‘Tube, look no further.



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise– Top 10 Ways to Make Your Video Thumbnail Tempting to Click (Vidyard): This article provides some great practical tips for giving your thumbnails the oomph they need.




#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise– Video Posts Have the Most Organic Reach on Facebook (MarketingProfs): Just when you thought relying on #tbt pics for your Facebook page would work out, Socialbakers provides this study showing that “Video posts organically reach fans’ News Feeds 5.7% of the time, on average, compared with 2.3% of the time for photo posts.”



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

– Geico “Family: Unskippable”

This ad, and it’s accompanying spots, are kind of a big deal. Why? Because they were oh-so-clever enough to listen to stats and think through how viewers engage with preroll advertising.


– Let’s get weird with Lil Sweet and Diet Dr. Pepper


– Mentos was all over recently because some dummy attached them to his body, then jumped into a bathtub of soda. Darwinism at its finest. Here’s a sweeter and funnier advertisement for Mentos – “Tiny Fresh Things”


– We’ll get this show on the road with our last must watch video, “10 Years of YouTube: Evolution of Viral Video”


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Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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