Don’t Make a Smartphone Video for Your Business

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Just don’t do it.


Not for your business. Yes, the video resolution on our phones is better than ever and there are billions of videos out there originating from our phones…but they are AMATEUR videos of babies giggling, teenagers selfy-ing, dogs jumping, skateboarders falling and grandpas dancing. Don’t put your business in that category.

You are a professional, and your business’ video is a reflection of you. If it looks like you shot your own video, think about how that is received and reflects on your business. Think about whether your message was delivered to your audience in a clear, understandable, professional way. Your customers aren’t going to tell you your homemade video sucks, they will just go to your competitor who used a professional video.

Why don’t I ever consider using a phone to make a video for my customers? Technically there are several negative issues. Stay with me while I throw out some technical jargon. With a professional camera, we prefer manual modes so we can manipulate EVERYTHING on our own. We prefer using high quality lenses where we can instantly manipulate focus, aperture and focal length. We are also very thoughtful of the method of video capture within the camera itself. We understand the differences between chips and sensors, 4K and 1080p, h264 and ProRes. We prefer professional microphones that plug directly into our camera using an XLR connector. Your smart phone does not offer any of these options. As nice as your phone is, it doesn’t come close to a professional video camera.

But it’s not all about technical specifications. It’s like using many different tools, such as hammers, spot welders, paint brushes, guitars or footballs. In the hands of an experienced, talented person, beautiful work can be created. But any craftsperson will tell you that using higher quality tools will make the difference.

Put down your phone, do what you do best, and leave your videos to experienced professionals. Your customers will notice.

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About the Author
Steve Simkins directs and produces videos at North By Northwest. His storytelling ability lies somewhere between LL Cool J and Jerry Lewis. He’s been making videos since he was a wee lad. Steve’s afro is not that big and he is nothing like LL Cool J.


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