That’s a wrap! 1.16.15

The week is over, it’s time to get the #wrapparty started! Today we have links from DigiDay, Unruly and more. Time to call wrap on the third week of 2015:

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

All about that programmatic

Programmatic advertising is a big buzz phrase these days, and if you’re wondering what it means, check out the links below:


Ready for primetime? The biggest challenges facing programmatic video (DigiDay)


#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise


12 Tips on Using Programmatic to Power Up Your Social Video Campaigns Across the Open Web (Unruly)


– A Guide to Social Video, and Where it Fits in Your Marketing Plan (Hootsuite)

#wrapparty I North by Northwest BoiseHighlights: So many great social video tips in one post, it’s hard to just pick out a few points. If you’re still a little lost on how to market your videos through social, you need this post.


– 15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing (HubSpot)

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

Highlights: “Prospects could be more likely to watch a video than they are to read a lengthy case study.” We’d have to agree…


– In YouTube’s shadow, Vimeo turns to exclusives (DigiDay)

#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise


Highlights: Vimeo takes a little pivot toward filmmakers and away from general video consumption/animal videos



#wrapparty I North by Northwest Boise

– Unicorns, Rappers, and Apple Toe-Tappers: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now (Unruly)


Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price? Newcastle Says No. (ClickZ)


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Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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