Movie B-School: Animal House

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In honor of this expletive-filled post that’s gone viral in recent days, we’re going to take a look at the spirit of Animal House’s Delta Tau Chi way of life: giving less ****s. Not taking one’s self too seriously is in their fraternity’s creed, and should really (as mentioned post expertly proves) be a part of our daily lives. Many of us exert an awful lot of energy on matters that don’t mean much to us, yet we add them to our already-full plates.

What does it mean to loosen the leash on yourself and your obligations, without being a total jerk? It means you’ll be happier and less of an over-promising jerk! John Belushi’s famous “Bluto” is a lovable lout, and he truly does not care what people think of him. He’s the perfect model of Mr. Manson’s ideal: Give worth/time to the things that should really matter, those that are close and dear to your heart, and spend less time on those that just plain don’t. Oh,  instead of filling this post with the “F” word, we’re going to sub in….”puppies.” Get it? Giving less puppies.

Movie B-School: Animal House I North by Northwest Boise

I’m a zit, get it?

As Manson points out, there are those that give value to every miniscule item of their daily lives, and then there are people who reserve their cares only for the people and issues they deeply care about. When dear Bluto sits down for lunch with the preppy Omegas and their girlfriends, they taunt him for being “disgusting.” So what does he do? Does he laugh shamefully? Does he walk away, tail between his legs? NO. Bluto doesn’t care what those frat bros think of him. Instead, he fills his cheeks to the brim with mashed potatoes, then use his fists to “pop” the pudding out of his mouth and onto his lunch mates. You all know this scene. It’s gross and awesome, because these people are not worth his puppies and he knows it. Instead he places his puppies on things he cares about: beer, his friends, and parties. That’s what is important to him, and that’s what he’s going to put effort into worrying about.

Movie B-School: Animal House I North by Northwest Boise

Toga! Toga!

While Greg and Neidermeyer spend all their time (as Manson puts it) giving “[puppies] where [puppies] do not deserve to be given,” by working for the evil Dean Wormer, the Deltas decide to throw a Toga party, because they don’t give a puppy. The Deltas can’t stop, won’t stop, and they decide their days are better spent continuing to be themselves and not taking their college careers too seriously. Bluto has a GPA of 0.0 after all. The lesson here is, know where to place your puppies. As Manson says, “Reserve our [puppies] for only the most [puppy]worthy of situations.”

Movie B-School: Animal House I North by Northwest Boise


The final proof that you should model your life after the great Bluto (or something like that)? The brilliant guitar-smashing scene. As in Manson’s job-quitting scenario, Bluto just gave no puppies and smashed the guitar. He was tired of listening to it, and the guy’s reaction didn’t really matter to him.

Movie B-School: Animal House I North by Northwest Boise

I’m not saying you should become a jerk, but we could all use a little Delta Tau Chi sass. Save your puppies for elements of your life that are worthy, and let the rest roll off your back. When you’re old and gray, would you rather look back and say you stood up for the things that matter to you, or for a bunch of puppies that didn’t?

*If you’re still having trouble understanding how to cut down on puppies, check out this NSFW resource.

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