MBS: Defeat Cabin Fever With The Shining

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With a movie like The Shining, there’s a whole lot of depth to dig into and find hidden lessons. The Shining is a classic, and a mainstay in college cinema courses. Kubrick’s finely-attuned attention to every last detail of a production is often taught, as well as the hidden meanings he usually attaches to his films. This movie has so many speculative hidden meanings, that a documentary was made to cover a few of the countless theories (Room 237, highly recommended).

In the film, Jack Torrance came to have a bad case of the Mondays, and exhibited signs of extreme cabin fever. With winter and snowier days just around the corner, it’s important to start preparing now for those gloomy, wintry, and dark days seemingly filled with endless bouts of cabin fever. These days are significantly harder to deal with at work – after all, at home you can go play in the snow or watch Netflix all day. At work, you’ll need to focus, so here we present a few tips for beating that ugly office cabin fever, with a little help from that dull boy, Jack. Time Magazine outlines these surefire signs of the winter blues, which Jacky-boy certainly exhibited:

Feeling cooped up

Difficulty concentrating and focusing on your work

Feeling unmotivated

On edge for no apparent reason

With confidence, I can say Jack suffered from this, and I myself definitely did last winter. So…how do you overcome these natural winter feelings?

MBS: Defeat Cabin Fever With The Shining I North by Northwest Boise

Feeling cooped up & on edge for no reason

Bundle up and take a break. Put on your warmest coat and take a quick walk around the block or go get coffee. During your time outside, be mindful of the setting – what sounds you hear, what animals you see, etc., almost as if meditating. It’s hard to get outside when it’s so cold, but forcing yourself out will help break up your day and free your mind. This break will have a trickle down effect, and help with the other stated cabin fever issues. Being on edge is never healthy, so work hard to remedy this symptom especially.

MBS: Defeat Cabin Fever With The Shining I North by Northwest Boise

Difficulty concentrating and focusing on your work, & feeling unmotivated

We all know Jack had some difficulties in this department. After weeks of appearing to work hard on his novel, Olive Oil finds the first true piece of evidence that he’d gone completely and utterly mad: The many, many typed pages, filled only with that famous line in repetition. Jack’s inability to concentrate or become motivated enough to write harken back to alcoholism and mental instability (which may not be the case for you), but these workplace demons can be a little easier to beat. Use the same meditation concept to give your brain a break, but instead, completely attune your focus to a different and more fun task like a crossword puzzle or (for the Type A’s like me) re-organizing your desk drawers. The best ideas usually hit during these types of latent tasks, which can spur motivation and focus. If only Mr. Torrance had had a Sudoku book, instead of joining Lloyd in the bar…

MBS: Defeat Cabin Fever With The Shining I North by Northwest Boise

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And just for funnies: Shining, a romantic comedy


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