Movie B-School: Let’s do a social media makeover ala Clueless!

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Cher Horowitz is the teenage dream – she’s rich, beautiful, and possesses one of the greatest closets of the ‘90s (amiright, ladies under 30?). Cher also has a well-meaning heart of gold that is, sadly, completely clueless. Her and best friend Dionne enjoy engaging in faux good-doing with activities like makeovers and hooking up their lonely teachers.

When new girl Tai (RIP Brittany Murphy) enters the scene, Cher wants to give her new life at their school and bestow the almighty Horowitz makeover upon sweet, grungy B. Murph. Dionne begrudgingly agrees and they turn Tai into a total Betty by rinsing the red Kool-Aid from her hair and giving her new clothes from Cher’s immaculate collection. What ensues is a story following Cher’s eventual makeover of her soul as she learns to cope with her “most popular” throne being taken over, and a crush on her Baldwin of an ex-stepbrother (umm ew).

There are really three cases of makeovers in the movie: Tai (physical), Cher (spiritual), and step-brother Josh’s attempts to be young and cool to woo Cher, even though he’s super old at 21. All three realized they would need that makeover to become the person they wanted to be. A good, strong rebrand is best handled by advertising agencies and professionals who have the experience and capabilities to build an entire strategy around your business’ makeover (we’re lucky to work with the best Boise has to offer). However, if hiring an outside firm is not in the cards and your social presence is currently a full-on Monet, here’s a few key tips from the makeover queen herself, Miss Cher Horowitz.

Movie B-School: Let's do a social media makeover ala Clueless! I North by Northwest Boise


Ensembly challenged

Cher took one look at Tai’s whole…thing she had going on and saw that in order to move up the social ladder, new clothes, new makeup, and a new hairstyle were imperative. When most businesses first jumped on social media, there weren’t many opportunities to personalize much of your profiles. Now, you’re able to change backgrounds, header photos, and more on certain sites.

The first thing you must do is take an inventory. Open up a new browser window and go to all of your social media sites, each in a new tab. Look through all of your company’s profiles with fresh eyes and take note of how similar or different they are. Do they share the same icon? Think about what you can change to align your brand along all profiles (i.e. have the same icon on every site).

Movie B-School: Let's do a social media makeover ala Clueless! I North by Northwest Boise


“To thine own self be true” – that Polonius guy

Now, let’s take a look at your profiles’ “spiritual” side, or its tone/ethos/goals. Go back to the window with all of your social profiles, and again take notes of similarities and differences, this time paying attention to the types of posts on each, the tone, and the personality evoked. Consider what tone and personality you would like your customers to associate with your brand, and be sure it matches your other brand values.

Next, write down your social media goals and include your official brand tone guidelines. Then, you and other employees posting to your office’s accounts will have a set of rules to follow when they represent your business. These pieces should be a part of your overall strategy.

Movie B-School: Let's do a social media makeover ala Clueless! I North by Northwest Boise


Tell me the part about Kenny G again?

“Being cool” isn’t necessarily a goal, but if you want to get your social audience engaged, it’s helpful to follow the internet rules of cool – sharing it first. Follow websites and publications that match your audience’s interests and your brand’s voice using resources like to find content, and be sure to share good pieces when you find them! Being the first to share puts you in-the-know, which is an enviable trait.

Another way to be “cool” is by actually keeping up with your accounts. Go to the mall and look around you…what do you see? Those teenagers have their faces glued to their phones, and that means they’re updating their social profiles near constantly. It is absolutely unacceptable to leave a network outdated for long lengths of time – a profile that hasn’t updated in a month could signify the company is no longer in business, or just doesn’t care about their social initiatives.

Movie B-School: Let's do a social media makeover ala Clueless! I North by Northwest Boise

Ugh, AS IF! Cher > Iggy

If your profiles were screaming for a makeover, then this Movie B-School should at least get you started. The number one rule to follow: Only post good, relevant content and not just sporadically!

Movie B-School: Let's do a social media makeover ala Clueless! I North by Northwest Boise

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