How to make testimonial videos interesting

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So you want to have your customers worship you out loud so everyone can learn of your awesomeness? But your last video was long, boring and way too verbose. Should you give up on testimonial videos? No way! When you’re trying to tell people how great you are, your audience is immediately skeptical. They know you are only telling them the best parts of your business, and you are the parent talking about your beautiful baby. Um, you’re biased.

Customer testimonials are very effective if done properly. They can be a genuine, unbiased opinion of your business. And your audience will appreciate hearing it from someone other than you and your colleagues.

How do you do it in a way that is genuine? I see testimonials like a big delicious cake. Your customer could eat the entire cake but they will regret it later. So you should pick their favorite cake, find the most delicious part of the cake, give them a few small bites and then let them appreciate the flavor and experience. A good cake also goes better with frosting and maybe some milk.

Same for a testimonial video. Pre-select a customer (or two or three) who can verbally articulate why they appreciate your business. Ask them about their entire experience on camera (in their own words, not rehearsed). Then edit, edit and edit again. You may have loved everything they said, but your audience just wants a few small, delicious bites. Be clear and concise about their story and make sure it applies to your business. When it’s done, a nice short video with just the right genuine quotes will make you look amazing.


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About the Author
Steve Simkins directs and produces videos at North By Northwest. His storytelling ability lies somewhere between LL Cool J and Jerry Lewis. He’s been making videos since he was a wee lad. Steve’s afro is not that big and he is nothing like LL Cool J.


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