Revisiting Independence Day: How to conquer invaders

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Independence Day

The 1996 film Independence Day can easily be revered as an awesome movie – it has everything Americans love: patriotism, aliens, Will Smith, a handsome President, and TWO love stories. Not to mention Mr. Smith punching an alien in the face, like a boss. “ID4” is truly a story that makes viewers swell with pride at its conclusion, because we encountered invaders, and we conquered them with our Americanism.

Most businesses of the non-niche variety have come across a sort of invader…competition coming into your territory and attempting to take over. You were there first, you feel you’re doing it better, and this company has no business taking over your clientele. While this is a natural part of the business landscape, it doesn’t mean you need to roll over and let it happen. The reason competition is seen as good, after all, is because it kicks other business owners into gear to prove they’re top dog.

Many tips can be pulled from Independence Day – How to win back an ex by saving the planet, the fact that dolphin rings make stunning tokens of affection, and to warn people if you’re going to start shooting at an alien spaceship enclosed in a force field. Seriously, Goldblum…people could get hurt. Business lessons can also be gained from this gem, particularly how to take your territory back and beat out your competitors.

Mr. President

1. Learn their motives

Mr. Pullman, er Mr. President, saw the enemy’s takeover plans during his forced alien mind-meld, and was able to create a plan to intercept. In order to cut off your new competition, you need to discover what their battle plans are. Put yourself in their mindset, employ secret shoppers, and figure out how they plan to get in front of your clients.


2. Strategize and connect the dots

Jeff Goldblum’s primary role in the movie, other than being snarky, was to be the guy who sees something the others don’t see. He finds that piece of intelligence everyone else has overlooked and uses it to craft the perfect strategy against the loser aliens. As you study your competitor(s), go Goldblum and find that one thing they’re missing, then compose your strategy with that data as your centerpiece.

Hello boys!

3. Kick some invader butt and conquer your market

You now have insight, strategy, and a personal motive – go out there and use it! Show your clients you have a product they can believe in.


Ultimately America/Earth prevailed, because we were confident we would win. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum took on the problem with effervescence and courage, and destroyed the mothership. Use your confidence in your product to remind clients why they chose you, and let them feel that swell of pride for their good decision-making. Then, light up that cigar and celebrate.


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About the Author
Stephanie Norell is the Marketing Director for North by Northwest’s Boise office. She loves horror movies and Pinterest, adores the classic film Xanadu, and “enjoys” disseminating her thoughts for trolls to discuss online.


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